We cut shapes on the dance floor

Sorry, we mean print floor. Thanks to the capabilities of our mighty Heidelberg Platen press we can cut all kinds of shapes out of paper and card using a process called die-cutting. You can have die-cut boxes, circles, tags, fancy corners, peel strips for labels and anything else beyond a single straight-cut line. Die-cutting is fascinating to watch. A cutting-forme, which is a wooden board with thin blades protruding from the surface (like a cookie-cutter), is loaded into the Heidelberg along with the preprinted or prepared stock. The press hits the blades onto the paper or card, cutting or punching out the desired shape, and voila, you have a cool die-cut product. You can choose from our range of cutting-formes or we can have something unique made for you. Best idea? At the start of a project, let’s chat about how we can give it oomph. No dancing required.