Established in 2015, Printers Inc is the multi-talented lovechild of Verve Digital and DPS Print. One digital, the other offset, and both renowned specialists in their areas, Verve and DPS saw the advantage of being able to offer a more complete commercial solution that ticks every box and works outside the square. After merging we merged a little more, adding the promotional and merchandising capabilities of Printable Solutions and CopyPrint. Equipped to the eyeballs, today we partner and support branding, design and creative agencies, PR, corporates and organisations throughout Christchurch and New Zealand.


We're here to bring big ideas to life and help keep business buzzing. Our print machinery knocks your socks off. We've got skills in all areas. And our combined industry experience and wisdom makes Yoda look like a rookie. Need creative thinking? We're right brainers. Want embellishments and finishing? Can do. Expect solid pre-press and responsive customer service? You deserve it. Whatever the project, plan or sparkling impression you want to make, let's talk.


As you'd expect, we have a duty of care to the environment and we practise sustainability wherever possible. We use FSC-approved papers sourced from global sustainable mills where possible and our offset inks can be plant-based. Our aim is to reduce, reuse and recycle – we recycle and reuse Indigo ink cans and Ricoh toner cartridges. We're always looking for ways to improve our systems and processes.


We do digital, offset, short runs, long runs, running to your rescue, and everything and anything in between. Let’s chat.