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Although John harbours ruthless fantasies about hitting golf champions out of the running, his key driver for Printers Inc is establishing rewarding business relationships. A master of strategy and positive outcomes, John’s been in the industry since buying offset printers DPS in 2000 with his wife Brenda, who also works in the business. Seeing an opportunity for a full print offering he backed the 2015 merger with Verve Digital, forming the Printers Inc of today. Par for the course, John's favourite colour is 100% grass green.



Dale is the liaison, the quoter and the processer of projects of Printers Inc. He’s also a family man, a craft beerer and the coach at his children’s rugby and cricket clubs. Renowned as much for his warmth and as he is his efficiency and deep dive thinking, Dale knows the industry like the back of his inky hands. He should do – he spent years rolling up his sleeves on the print floor. Like Printers Inc's mum and dad, Dale’s been here forever and seen it all, so before getting stuck into any project, talk to the coach.


Operations &
Account Manager

Olivia manages our day-to-day everythings, making sure the print floor is shipshape and every job is behaving itself. Drawing on her extensive experience and talent for order, Olivia’s turned meeting squeezy-tight deadlines into an artform. She also keeps our ever-growing list of clients happy, with her sparkling personality and ability to manage a full range of projects with ease. Meanwhile, her other talent, banter, keeps everything in perspective. With all this busybusy Olivia finds balance in long walks in the forest and a mountain of books.



Working alongside husband and director John, Brenda has helped shape the original print operation they bought in 2000 into the successful full-service business of today. Thanks to the steep learning curve of the early days, Brenda covers a number of areas in the business and really knows her stuff. An adventurous spirit, fierce supporter of the Crusaders, photographer and hill-walker, she embraces opportunity and takes everything in her stride.